Does Your Team Need Social Media Training?

Of course they do!

 Your customers, leads, suppliers, business partners, investors, potential employees, competitors all Google you and your company! They check you out on Linkedin, look at your connections, read your tweets, and maybe even creep through your personal pictures, posts and videos on Facebook, Instagram or any other network you may be on. What first impression will they make?
Employee Social Media Training Program​​
In this highly interactive training program, we’ll teach your team how to get social for your brand and business. They will develop a clear understanding of the power of effective content. They’ll learn the key components every social media profile must have to appear professional, trustworthy and audience-focused. We’ll focus on their work-related goals for using social media and help them clearly identify who is already in their audience and who should be! To stay relevant your team needs to know how to:
  • Create professional profiles that get emails opened, phone calls answered and meetings booked
  • Proudly represent your organization every time they are Googled or checked out online
  • Learn how to expertly navigate LinkedIn and Twitter (or any other relevant network)
  • Share your company's content, identify new prospects and generate leads
  • Build relationships with clients, colleagues, referral partners and decision makers
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Half-Day Branding and Profile Workshop
In our half-day brand building workshop, we dive deeper into the online branding process. We use a series of hands-on exercises to help your team develop their personal brands online. By the end of the session they will walk away with their own personal branding workbook. During the workshop your team will:
  • Complete a revealing business goals and audience discovery exercise
  • Write an effective profile statement, so they immediately stand out in a search
  • Learn how to connect in an appropriate way online
  • Brainstorm industry relevant content sources so they know where to find valuable articles to share with their network
  • Create a personal branding checklist so they always know what they should be working on next.
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Comprehensive Social Media Program for Agents
In our comprehensive 8-week training program your employees will not only brand themselves, they’ll also learn how to align their goals with your company goals. By the end of the program they will walk away with their own Personal Brand Action Plan Workbook, a complete common-sense guide to help continue to grow their brand, grow their network and build relationships. They will:
  • Develop a connection plan to grow their network for work.
  • Discover how to connect the right way online.
  • Discuss powerful engagement strategies to turn followers into action tackers while building meaningful and valuable relationships online.
  • Create a go-to list of industry relevant content sources so they know where to find valuable articles to share with their network. They’ll also learn several sharing strategies the so they stand out in the newsfeed.
  • Learn what using social daily looks and design their own schedule with a specific set of professional activities, so they don't waste time online.
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One-on-One Coaching
Our 1:1 coaching programs are designed for smart, determined, motivated, action-taking professionals who are ready to build their brand, get noticed, make money and have a solid strategy to rock their social media efforts. If you’re a consultant, coach, speaker, corporate leader, sales professional, real estate agent, insurance agent, chef, lawyer, financial adviser, designer, or expert this is exactly what you need.
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Create Your Own Training
Do you have something specific you want to learn?
A social media platform you want to master? Content you want to develop or a specific strategy you want to create? This option perfect for you. You set the agenda, we'll assess your current social situation, suggest the length of time you'll need and then we'll get it done! 
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